The logistics of Peelco Ltd consists of three essential steps. Transport from production to airport, airfreight, transport from airport to customer. A temperature of 2 ° C to 7 ° C is maintained throughout the logistics chain. This is monitored by temperature loggers.

The red arrow describes existing routes, the yellow arrows the planning routes.

Transport to the international airport of Accra takes place with a customs-sealed truck. There the transfer takes place for the further transport to the receivers by air freight. Because of their central location, airports in the Benelux are often used in Europe.

From there, goods from transport service providers used by Peelco Ltd are transported directly to the central warehouse of the respective customer. From this point onwards, the customer is responsible for forwarding to the market itself.

As a rule, from the harvesting and processing of the fruit to the arrival in the market, no 48 hours pass.

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Processing of Tropical Fruits