About us

Peelco Ltd is a company founded in 2006 that produces Fresh Cut Tropical Fruits. A German farmer who had almost 20 years of experience in planting and growing pineapples had the idea to the company. The goal was to process and pack fresh fruit directly after the harvest. He met an experienced mechanical engineer from Hanover, who had already worked in Africa. Both developed throug a lot of thoughts and diligence the present company.

In 2008 stood the production hall. Since there was access to their own farm. The supply of raw material was ensured. The base for a vertically integrated company network was laid. Due to the experience already gained with the cultivation of Pineapples the core competency in processing has now been developed. This was followed by an expansion of the range to cut Papaya, Mango and Coconuts.

More than 100 employees at Peelco Ltd today ensures that products of the highest quality are delivered to customers every day. And the expansion of the business is progressing. Since July 2017 Peelco Ltd has produced a own juice line under the label “Peelco Fresh”. In addition to a coconut water there will be a pineapple juice and three juice mixes, each in a 250 ml bottle. Peelco Ltd uses the expertise acquired over the last 10 years to introduce new, completely natural soft drinks into the market: all products of the juice line are completely untreated and non-heated and without additives.

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P.O. Box AN5244
Accra, Ghana

Processing of Tropical Fruits