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With the label Peelco Fresh, Peelco Ltd follows the trend towards conscious nutrition with its own juice line. After years of product development it has been possible to produce completely untreated juice. This means that the juices are obtained directly from the harvested fresh fruit in a gentle process. This is followed on the same day by bottling and transport to the airport. In the wake the juices arrive by air freight to their destination. Like all other products produced by Peelco Ltd the juices are also refrigerated (2 ° C to 7 ° C).

USP and varieties

All juice products are neither treated or heated and free from any additives: no water, no sugar or preservatives are added. In addition to three mix juices, two mono variants are introduced to the market. Pineapple-Mango (70% / 30%), Pineapple-Ginger (97% / 3%) and Passion Fruit-Pineapple (70% / 30%) are the mix variants with different flavors ranging from sweet (Pineapple-Mango) to sweet -spicy (Pineapple-Ginger).

The mono variants are two icons: on the one hand pure Pineapple Juice and on the other hand, completely natural Coconut Water or just briefly only coconut water. Coconut water is not a juice in the actual wortinne. Rather the term already says that it is the water (and not the milk!) of the very young coconut.

In contrast to many expectations pure coconut water has a relatively neutral taste. However, it has excellent isotonic properties. This makes the refreshment drink especially interesting for athletes. At the same time it ensures the natural optimization of the mineral supply. The pure pineapple juice may not be missing in any plan to balanced nutrition. Here Peelco Ltd consider  many wishes of the end user. All products of this range are self-explanatory.

Peelco Fresh will first introduce the juice line in Germany. In a second step, distribution in other countries is being created and expanded.

The following varieties are currently available:

Pineapple Juice “pure”, 100% from the pure fruit 6 x 250ml carton

Coconut Water “pure”, 100% from pure fruit 6 x 250ml carton

Pineapple-Ginger Juice, 97%/3% from the pure fruits 6 x250ml carton

Pineapple-Mango Juice, 70%/30% from the pure fruits 6 x250ml carton

Passion Fruit-Pineapple Juice, 70%/30% from the pure fruits 6 x250ml carton

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