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The everyday life of the people in the industrializations has become more and more unstructured in the last 20 years. With it the eating habits. Today the consumer eats much less on fixed days than on demand. Intermediate consumption and on-the-go consumption (To Go) play an increasingly important role. Often also paired with the thought of consciously feeding.

Peelco Ltd has taken in consideration these changes in consumer habits for over 10 years with the To Go range. Pineapple, Papaya and also Mangos are cut into chunks and packed in a transparent bowl with safety seal. The same happens with the fresh coconuts cut in strips.

For example, Peelco Ltd offers the end-user a natural alternative to conscious nutrition, even for snacking. All of course without any additives or preservatives. Pineapple Cylinders and Pineapple Rings are suitable for easy home consumption. This eliminates annoying cutting or large amounts of waste.

Within the production process at Peelco Ltd, only the part of the skin or skin is removed, which is really not suitable for consumption. All products are available as brand as well as private labels.

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