Logistics to the central warehouse of large customers is of enormous importance in order to ensure an optimal quality. The transport from the production site to the airport in Accra (Ghana) takes place with a customs-sealed refrigerated vehicle. The cooling chain in the temperature range 2 ° C – 7 ° C must be guaranteed until the arrival of the customer. All pallets are therefore insulated to avoid temperature deviations during the loading and unloading process of the airfreight. In addition, for the purpose of quality assurance, recording devices (data loggers) are provided in order to check the temperatures during transport.

The airfreight is handled together with appropriate specialists. Various investors from the airfreight sector set up an airfreight logistics center built according to “state of the art” principles at the international airport of Accra in 2016. This is one of the world’s most modern hubs. Here Peelco Ltd handles the entire air freight under optimal conditions.

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