• 9. October 2020:

    Computer-Room for Senior High School

    In February this year we received a request to support our local SHS (Senior High School) school. This is the type of school whose graduation enables access to universities – similar to the Abitur. Through the school management, we were asked if Peelco could help to set up a computer lab. The problem was explained […]

  • 9. October 2020:

    Musical instruments for Ghana

    Some ventures were already planned before the Corona pandemic, as was this one. Already in January our phone rang. A donation of musical instruments in Ghana? Why not! Since several patrons were already known through our Markus, it was now about the distribution. We were also promised a concert of thanks. But this will have […]

  • 17. July 2020:

    Fight against Covid-19: Peelco donates Awutu-Senya West District

    The unpopular Corona virus is spreading all over the world. While the pandemic is already on the retreat in Europe, South America and African countries are now on the advance. As the number of intensive care beds is not comparable to the health care systems in Germany, there is even more to be said: Caution! […]

  • 27. March 2020:

    Playground for Ghana

    Playground for Ghana After more than 10 years in the operative business in Ghana, the requests from our local communities for support of any kind have increased. Mostly it was school or sport festivals which were supported by us with juices. 500 bottles here – 1000 bottles there… Quite nice but not really sustainable: One […]

  • 17. February 2018:

    Peelco Fresh juices in five delicious varieties

    Delicious Peelco Fresh juices – neither treated or heated and free from any additives!

  • 25. December 2017:

    Celebrating the Chief’s 60th birthday

    Family head Nau Kwashie Abbey Chief the 3rd celebrated his 60th birthday, and we were invited.

  • 20. December 2017:

    African Christmas Party

    Every single year, we enjoy having a Christmas celebration at our company – 2017 was no different. A lot of fun sports like football and volleyball aside, we also went for a lovely raffle.

  • 9. December 2017:

    Expanding our receiving department and export ramp

    In order to even out the bumps in our delivery schedule, we expanded both our receiving department and our export ramp.


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