Raw material

Integrated approach (own farms)

As part of a vertically integrated corporate network Peelco Ltd processes only raw materials from the cultivation of its own farm. To cover season peaks raw materials are also purchased from contract producers. They work according to the same principles as their own farm: u.a. Continuous Global GAP certification, permanent construction planning, exact specification of the raw material to be delivered. Vertically integrated approach means that the entire production and supply chain, from the planting to the finished product in the market, is in the hands of the end user. For Peelco Ltd, control of all necessary process steps is possible at any time. As a result, this ensures the consistently high product quality and ensures that only raw material suitable for processing with the exact maturity level is used. In addition, the necessary compliance with the cold chain is ensured during transport.

Fully ripe supply

All fruits are supplied as far as necessary for processing. They are sorted according to the degree of maturity. This process from the field to supply in a very short time gives Peelco Ltd the decisive competitive advantage. Due the very fast transport time by airfreight to the destinations in Europe and Overseas, the consumer in the supermarket or the Head of Kitchen in On-Trade gets the best possible quality of Fresh Cut Fruits.

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Processing of Tropical Fruits