African Christmas Party

20. December 2017

Every single year, we enjoy having a Christmas celebration at our company – 2017 was no different. Even better: we usually have two parties! One of them is held at our own place, then we enjoy another celebration outside of the company. The second party is held at an exclusive place: the beach, a hotel with a lovely pool or an entertainment centre. As everybody knows, 2017 was a bit on the bad end when it came to holiday distribution: Christmas Eve on a Sunday? And New Year’s Eve, too? That only leaves us time for one party! After having spontaneously decided for it on December 19th, we had our bash out in the open the following day. A lot of fun sports like football and volleyball aside, we also went for a lovely raffle. For prices, we had some great produce, cosmetics and of course the ever-popular paid days off. This year’s jackpot was a brand new HUAWEI LTE smartphone. The second and third place won a great flatscreen TV.

Congratulations to the jackpot winner, Mrs. Emilia Dukumah.

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